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Location: Queens, New York

Stadium: Arthur Ashe Stadium

Capacity: 23,771

Surface: Hard

Every year, the US Open welcomes thousands of fans to experience its rich history and witness greatness at the largest tennis arena in the world, Arthur Ashe Stadium. The venue is named after the three-time Grand Slam® champion Arthur Robert Ashe Jr., who became the first African-American to claim a men’s singles title at a Grand Slam® when he won the first-ever US Open singles championship in 1968. Since then, the US Open has played host to a bevy of other memorable moments, including Serena Williams' six title victories.

Known as the US Open since 1968, the tournament has been around since 1881 when it was referred to as the U.S. National Championship. Over the past century, the tournament has been played on three types of surfaces: grass (1881-1974), clay (1975-1977), and hard (1978-present).

Serena Williams currently holds the record for most women’s singles titles at the US Open with six, while Roger Federer, Pete Sampras, and Jimmy Conners hold the joint record for most men’s singles titles with five. Whether you hail from the States or not, winning in front of the biggest tennis audience on the planet is a special feeling. Compete against the best and hoist the US Open trophy in front of 20,000 fans in TopSpin 2K25.